Our Story

So ILL Cornhole got its start when a cornhole enthusiast couldn't find a bag they liked. So a few of us poked around and started identifying what fabrics, fills, threading, and printing techniques were utilized throughout the industry. We were disappointed (but not surprised) to learn that many of the bag makers out there sought to use the cheapest fabrics and materials in order to maximize their profits at the cost of the quality of the final product. What is worse is that everyone is using the same materials! We kept seeing the same 8 or 10 fabrics being used to make the vast majority of cornhole bags.

As we dug deeper, the thing we kept saying to ourselves over and over was "we can make higher-quality bags than that". So we did.

We started by making bags for our friends and family, and the response was overwhelming. Everyone who tried our bags loved them, and we quickly realized that we were on to something special. So we searched far and wide for the highest quality fabrics we could find.

After testing (literally) hundreds of fabrics, we have identified a handful which we think are of the highest quality and provide the best in-hand feel. In fact, that is the feedback we hear most about our bags - they just feel good to hold!

What is even better is that we have yet to see some of these fabrics utilized on other bags. Only one of the fabrics we use is a commonly used 'mainstream' fabric - and we are actively looking for a higher-quality substitute for this as well! We suspect other makers will eventually start to adopt our fabrics, but for now we are one of the few who pay a premium price for our fabrics - and it shows.

The fill was another area we took a long look at. Many bag manufacturers utilize recycled pellets of disjointed size, shape, color, and density (no really, break open a bag). This isn't necessary bad, but it ties back to the central issue - the bag makers are looking for the lowest cost of material, not the highest quality.

After exploring dozens of options on fill (even making our own at one point), we actually settled on a somewhat well-known fill. But it checked all our boxes - it was a small pellet made from virgin plastics that had a consistent density, size, shape and color throughout the mixture. The density is ideal for the amount of 'fullness' we wanted for that nice in-hand feel and we know we are providing a high-quality fill. While we are constantly looking to improve our bags, this fill is tried, tested, and proven at the highest levels of play.

We also take our time on the construction of our bags. We use a double-stitched, bar-tacked construction technique that has yet to fail us. We also use a high-strength bonded nylon thread that can withstand the elements and the wear-and-tear of constant use. And of course, all our bags are made right here in Southern Illinois.

We take the time to do things right, even if it means our costs are a little higher. In the end, we are confident that we make the best cornhole bags on the market. We aren't the cheapest, but we aren't trying to be. We are trying to provide the highest quality product we can at a fair price. Thank you for your interest in our company, and we hope you'll give our bags a try. We think you'll be glad you did.

- Tom
So ILL Cornhole